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Cooking Classes

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Cannabis doesn't need to be smoked, and in fact there are many ways to use cannabis that provide greater medicinal benefit than can be achieved by smoking. Products made using medicinal cannabis are simple, gentle, and very effective. Cannabis can be made into tinctures that you can add to your tea, or infused into coconut oil to make a butter for cooking, or a topical cream, it can even be made into chocolate and candy, and MEND can teach you how with one of our cooking classes.

Medicinal cannabis recipes are easy to prepare and require just a few basic tools - and a lot of love to prepare products that can heal in the most gentle and natural way, and to supply all the knowledge and tools needed to share with others, and to meet your own needs as well as the needs of the greater community. Basic ingredients include safe products like vegetable glycerin and coconut oil, and of course cannabis. The equipment required is found in most kitchens - a kettle, a crock-pot, some mason jars, a wide mouthed funnel, and some jelly bags. 

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MEND can teach you how to do it, you just need to ask! MEND is all about neighbors helping neighbors, community service, and compassion. Our cooking classes are fun, educational, and empowering, and of course we allow plenty of time for Q & A period at the end of class. If you would like to organize a cooking class in your home, let us know, and we will work with you to set up a date and time for us to bring our knowledge, experience, and love to your kitchen. Other classes on how to grow your own plants, as well as how to prepare ointments etc. are also offered  

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